I am currently a junior in the College of Engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. I will be majoring in Computer Science and anticipate a double major in Operations Research. My academic interests include software development, iOS development, and web design/development. In my free time, I play on a club soccer team and a club baseball team, and I also enjoy playing the electric guitar.
iOS Development
I have built a couple of simple iOS apps for my Intro to iOS Development class as well as on my own.


I was a member of the iOS Development team for this final project of my iOS class. Along with one other iOS developer, we worked with 2 backend developers. Briefly, the app is designed to get students to collaborate with each other on assignments, especially students that don't know other students taking the class. Read more here.


I recently begun a project as the Co-Lead Developer and Designer on a mobile application called Tadpole. The app is geographically based and is designed to encourage interation with local businesses and community events. The app is still in the early stages.
Web Development
In addition to this one, I have built four websites so far, all of which can be found below.
[Electric Buffalo Records site in progress]
Exo Skeleton Arm
This is a project I designed and built with a classmate for my senior engineering capstone in high school. It is an arm attachment designed to provide assistance with simple arm movements to people with muscular dystrophy. The arm uses muscle sensors to detect electrical signals running through the user's bicep and tricep. Once signals beyond the threshold have been detected, the microcontroller triggers the actuator to extend or contract.
Chocolate Competition
BCA has an annual Chocolate Competition, in which students from the Culinary Academy cooperate with engineering students to build a complex chocolate cake. I worked as the engineer for one of the cakes (titled "Hats off to Dr. Seuss"), and I was responsible for designing and constructing the support structure that held up the several top layers of the cake without crushing the fragile bottom layer. The support structure is made up of a polycarbonate base, several segments of PVC pipe functioning as columns (located inside the bottom layer), and a wooden platform. The cake I worked on won first place in the 11th grade category.
The Safewalk is an innovation I developed with classmate during my sophomore year of high school in BCA's Mechatronics Research Lab. It is an innovative walker meant to help prevent falls and increase the mobility of the user. It is fitted with omni wheels which allow the walker to move in x and y directions simultaneously. Additionally, it has an Anti-Fall Arm, which is an arm attached to the front of the walker. When the tilt sensor detects the walker is falling forward, an Arduino microcontroller triggers a motor which rotates and swings the Anti-Fall Arm out to prevent the fall. The Arduino also triggers an LED to blink and a buzzer to sound.